Download the famous chatting applications


Technology has definitely made our work easy, and it has really helped us to connect to each and everyone in this world. If we talk about the best of the change that has been brought up, then definitely the coming up of the internet has really revolutionized our society. With the internet, we can carry out all our work by just sitting at our place.

 Well, if we talk about the major developments that have been brought up in the communication field, then yes, so many new applications have come up in the market. From learning to cooking, chat apps and every type of application are being made available on your operating system. Now here we will be discussing the few famous chat apps that are counted among the most downloaded ones on ios as well as Google play store.

Some famous chat applications are

  1. Whatsapp

This is one of the most common downloaded applications which have millions of users. Because of the simplicity of use it provides and voice and video calling quality, it has become one of the most famous chatting applications.

  1. Line play

This application provides you to create your own avatar. Well, it allows you to create your own special place and create the avatar as same as you. This is the unique feature that is being provided by line play. It is really fun to use and worth downloading as well. People have given a good rating to this application.

  1. Telegram

Easy to use the application, it has all the features that you actually ask for in a chatting application. It provides you with a secret chat and lots of stickers wherein you can express your feeling with the help of stickers as well. It has a bookmark function as well. It has almost 100 million active users within the span of two and a half year

  1. hike

This is also one of the unique applications that provide smooth chatting. Like telegram, it also has a variety of stickers. Besides this, it also provides with news feed, coupons, games feed and many more. This Is also one of the most favoured applications.

While thinking of innovative ways and considering ethics about chat app, researches and ecosystems. Embrace transparency for a better response. There are several social apps that attract the young minds from different corners of the world. We need to guide them for better use.